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<16:50:42> Trying to resolve hostname doubledeuce.teamspeak3.com
<16:50:46> Trying to connect to server on doubledeuce.teamspeak3.com:8653
<16:50:51> Failed to connect to server

Any idea why I cannot connect?

Your server is related with light-speed.com and this hoster has its own dedicated thread in this forum (you can read the thread later)

In your case, doubledeuce.teamspeak3.com resolves using a SRV Record to ts120.light-speed.com:8536
but you are trying to connect to doubledeuce.teamspeak3.com:8653 that means ts120.light-speed.com:8653

I don't know your server then you coul try any of these combinations:

a) ts120.light-speed.com:8536

c) ts120.light-speed.com:8653

If the issue persists... then that thread, post#13: http://forum.teamspeak.com/showthrea...046#post374046