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    Error ( Kernel32.dll ) on XP

    Hello ,

    translate via google translator , so it makes a lot of mistakes , because they do not speak English .

    But to get to the point.

    The other day I took off again on the computer TS3 , I had him over 3 years , and destroying the system and now that I downloaded , installed , and now that I want to run , showed me the error , probably a kernel32.dll , I do not get it in it . I asked a lot of people about it, everyone says how to fix it , not to me it did not help .

    I'd really appreciate it if you would help me .

    Here's a picture :

    Thanks in advance,

    Mario Jelic .

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    Install all operating system updates! This includes SP3 on Windows XP. Not that one should still be using that system when connected to the internet but that's your choice (and potential problem).
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    Error ( Kernel32.dll ) on XP

    You can easialy solve this problem using .dll library file from
    Just download it and add follows the instruction. This is the fastest way without instaling any addtional software. Good luck.

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