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    February 2011
    Awesome interface!! Let me know if you have any free alpha slot

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    April 2015

    Exclamation Start for the Open Alpha

    Hey guys ,

    itsīs a long time ago now but now Iīm nearly finished with the alpha version of my interface. In nearly two weeks (see the counter on you can host the interface.

    If you want host a interface you need a mySQL database, cause i donīt want your informations. (Why should I xD)

    I know there can be bugs and have not 100% of the functions psychokillers webinterface has, but I think in the future it will have more functions then all other teamspeak webinterfaces!

    The host will be 100% free and later it will be also a download variant avalible.

    At the moment are just a german version avalible (for the closed alpha), I hope when the Open Alpha starts it will be also avalible in english. If not it will just take less weeks to add the english language, so donīt worry about that .

    Have a nice Day

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