Ok so around the 15th November I started having issues with the ts3 call I join regularly - everyone on it uses either continuous transmission or voice detection. My Dad has made some changes to the router that he is being uncooperative about letting me have a look, saying he's changed everything back, prioritized gaming and VOIP, HOWEVER:
- In a call with around 4+ people in I start getting cut out and sometimes timed out from the server, mild packet loss (download, not upload)
- I get cut out when the amount of data I'm downloading is at about 20 KB/s. I am able to download files at around 400KB/s, but it seems I can't go over 20 KB/s in a ts3 call without getting disconnected.

I'm curious if I accidentally clicked a setting on ts3 that limits download - or - if it is a setting that has been tampered with on the router/home server (I'm not good with technical terms or even really all that much with technology). Either prove that it's to do with my Dad changing and then changing back the settings a while back, or something else.
Please let me know what you think, because I'm stumped.