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    Channel expansion setting does not work


    it's not possible to use the function under settings -> options -> design only to show channel in the defined depth or only the channels depth in which you are.

    I tested this in many servers and with and without client restart but nothing happends so all channels are permanently opened.

    So THIS must be changed to the following:

    The client MUST know which tree was open and which was closed by the user self. On the next connection should then only be those channels shown, which where opened in the last session and not more or less.

    So this is a point which wont work either the client has the default skin or an individually ones.

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    The feature works, but the real problem here is if the channel is subrcibed or not. This overwrites the setting, when there is a user or sub channel in target channel.
    This has a higher priority in our opinion, because we want to show if users or sub channels are included.

    Saving which channel exapnds or not is nothing we wanted to add. But it was also requested, that only channels with users in it do expand, when they are susbcribed. This is something we also like to see in the client.
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    Then your politics are massivly false!

    If I, the client user, decides to only want to see a channel depth from 1 an dnot from 3+ then this has not to be overwritten!

    So a programm does not have the right to overrite user settings because this is like a ruel break, so I don't ... no ... I can't accept that my settings are overritten by some stupied and unnecessary rules!

    Please change this or give me the needed API-Point(s) so that I can restrict/override this over an plugin.

    This is not what I want as the client user also If any programm meens to be overriding my personally setting I got very angry and if this won't be change I have to decompile your programm to change this manually because this is absolutly not acceptable anymore!

    Can't be that such a high setting is destroied by such stupied rules

    Well, I hope it will be changed in the next client update because it has to be changed or I do this changes ... can't be ...

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