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    Microphone redundancy (BT mode does use internal Mic)

    Hello. I've been using TeamSpeak 3 with some success on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, using a variety of Bluetooth headsets, while playing an online game with friends.

    I'm told that my voice quality is very good while we're chatting between games, but I become nearly inaudible beneath a ton of scratching noises once we are playing a game.

    What we've discovered is that TeamSpeak 3 keeps the phone mic active, even when I choose in the settings for the app to use my Bluetooth device. Thus, the movement of my fingers on the screen is creating scratching noises that overpower my voice that's being picked up otherwise by my Bluetooth headset because Team Speak appears to be activating both microphones, inexplicably.

    There must be some way to have Team Speak 3 disable the phone mic when I select Use Bluetooth in Settings, but I cannot find this option anywhere.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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    Update Dec 2017
    This will be fixed with client update 3.1.7

    -----------Original post below-----------

    I can reproduce this on a Sony device on Android 4.2.2 too. Is your phone using Andorid 5.1.1 already?
    I would love to test it on Android 5.x too, but i can't connect with my device.

    I will create a ticket for this.
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    Yes, I'm using Android 5.1.1. Thanks!

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    I'm curious if any progress has been made on this issue since I originally posted my question a little over two months ago.

    To refresh the issue, while I select use Bluetooth in the settings, the audio "out" is sent to my BT headset, but TS3 only activates the main phone mic, rather than taking input from the BT headset. That mic is dead, no matter what BT headset I try. I've tried about 6.


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    Well, I tried. I now give up.

    So, I guess by the deafening silence that that's a "No"?

    My team of friends has been trying to decide whether to go with TS3 or Discord for our gaming. I really like the TS3 interface, and I've been one of the last hold-outs advocating giving TS3 some more time to sort out this bug or to at least respond to what they plan to do about this issue, if anything.

    I think that by waiting nearly 3 months for a response has demonstrated more than a little patience on my part. Not receiving any response at all in that period, I will now be joining the folks in our group who are advocating Discord as our new standard of gaming communication.

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