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    Delete delay & Permanent Channel - Inactive Channel Solution

    I've got a few issues with the recent unstable of my TeamSpeak 3 server. It went down couple of times, and consequently erased the whole community channel because the community is depending on Delete delay (to delete unused channel), therefore we're forced to use temporary channel. I've no problem with using the temporary channel but when it come to server restart, it will be a problem because we need to rebuild the community channel, and considering 100 users peak (and still climbing, hopefully), there will be lots of channel need to be rebuild, and I don't realy like to burden my staff wit same thing every once a month (Mostly my TeamSpeak 3 server went down after a month or so)

    Is there any alternative method to automatically delete inactive channel? Considering the amount of channels my community had, I will not using manual method to delete inactive channel.

    I've read the General Question on
    I realize that only temporary channel can use the delete delay feature, therefore I am looking for alternative method.

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    There is no other way, without writing your own bot, which counts and controls the time (seconds_empty=) for permanent channels.
    Or which sets all channels to permanent and back to temp after restart.

    BUT a restart that does not kill semi-perm or temporary channels is nonsense in their function on the server.
    Better only use permanent channels and let a bot read their value for seconds_empty= and them let him delete the channel.
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