I have browsed around the forums for several days and only found one question from years ago that was close to mine. So, what I'm trying to do is give channel admin the ability to add other channel admin, but not let it change server group permissions. This seemed easy enough, but I can't seem to get it working right.

What I Have:

Server Groups A (Power 75), Group B (Power 70), Group C (power 65) Group D (Power 60) and Group E (Power 55)

CHannel Groups Admin (Power 40) and Guest (set to defaults)

Group A is an owner group that has all permissions. Group B can add to C, D, E, and Admin. Group C can add to D, and E only, and Group D can only add to Group E.

What I WANT:

I want the above to stay as is. Plus I want the Admin to be allowed to ad Admin to their channels if they wish, and be allowed to add any server groups allowed by their own assigned server group.

By all thoughts, this should be easy. BUT...if Admin power isn't set to 70+ on their add power, they can't add Admin to their own channels. If they do get 70+, they can do anything that Group B can do. Set at 40, with their needed power being 40 as well, all of the options to add channel groups are grayed out. But there is a server group I have set to 5 that is a Do Not Disturb group anyone can use to prevent being moved, that they can use. What am I missing? Is it something in the skip permissions on one side or the other? Please help! Thanks