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    Teamspeak 3 has no volume (PICTURES INCLUDED :D) . Thanks in advance.


    I have a problem where Teamspeak 3 has no volume. Im notexactly sure when this error started occuring as i believe it developed while i was afk downloading content.

    What basically is happening is teamspeak 3 is open on my computer, volume is functioning for all programs exept ts3 and teamspeak 3 does not appear in the volume mixer. I am running windows 10 and am using Realtek HD Audio Manager.

    Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.

    Here is a picture of problemName:  error.PNG
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    • Before you connect to a server, no playback is active, hence no volume entry
    • Make sure TS is routed to the same output you've selected in the windows volume mixer to control

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    Teamspeak outputs to the Default Communications Device. You set "Realtek Digital Output" as your Default Communications Device. The "Realtek Digital Output" is the SPDIF digital output, meant to be used for output to your audio equipment. This one has a special connector. Not used by any headset. I suppose you don't have anything plugged in there, so the Teamspeak output is going into the void.

    Your first device called "Speakers" is a usb device. That one is an active and plugged-in output. Do you have a usb headset? If yes, then declare this output as default communication device and restart Teamspeak. Then Teamspeak will use this device for output.

    And you have another device called Speakers, this one is inactive and considered not plugged in. Do you have a headset with ordinary jacks? If yes, check the connectors. Perhaps it is plugged out or the cable is defective.

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