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    playWaveFile: ERROR_OK but not playing anything

    Hello, I use playWaveFile in the onTextMessageEvent like this:
    HTML Code:
    int ts3plugin_onTextMessageEvent(uint64 serverConnectionHandlerID, anyID targetMode, anyID toID, anyID fromID, const char* fromName, const char* fromUniqueIdentifier, const char* message, int ffIgnored) {
    	printf("PLUGIN: onTextMessageEvent %llu %d %d %s %s %d\n", (long long unsigned int)serverConnectionHandlerID, targetMode, fromID, fromName, message, ffIgnored);
    	const unsigned int Return = ts3Functions.playWaveFile(serverConnectionHandlerID, message);
    playWaveFile returns ERROR_OK but I cannot hear anything being played back.

    Some idea what I can do to archieve a file being broadcasted to all users in my channel?

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    November 2015

    playWaveFile: WavePlayData::initCallback received error 2316

    Hey there, I want to play a wav file with my plugin, it returns error_ok (0) but for some reason I don't see any audio being broadcasted. When I looked in the client log however it gives me this error: "11.12.2015 01:22:12 GenericPlayback Error WavePlayData::initCallback recieved error 2316" . Any ideas how I can fix this?!??!

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