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    Quote Originally Posted by AGamer View Post
    You're kidding, right? Why don't you use Google... Discord is modern software that's meant to be broken.

    Also from reading your posts you seem very bias against TeamSpeak and have a tone of a Discord fan boy. It just seems funny the way you asked that question, because it's obvious you DID encounter occasional problems in Discord, but are not disclosing it.
    No I'm not kidding and when I google "discord rushed features" or "discord big problems" i find nothing besides feature update posts or down detectors.

    But well, since we are playing the "just look it up" game I guess this conversation is over. Because you made a claim and cant proof it.

    My only problem with discord, that I as a individual, encountered so far are some packet lose and laggyness for 5-10 minutes at a time in the voice communication. And on a once or twice a month basis.
    That's not to bad for me. But I'm also only using the voice com about 1-2h a day on average.

    With Teamspeak I had way bigger problems. These included offline myTeamSpeak server and a a result a spamming windows popup from the TeamSpeak3 app which was telling me every 10 minutes or so that the myTeamspeak system is offline and I should retry later.
    And the other big one, which was for me personally the biggest problem so far is that the myTeamspeak addon store is pulling every updated addon out of the store when the developer is pushing an update for it. So like half an year ago I couldn't reinstall my complete theme pack(iconpack combo for 5 days until the Teamspeak stuff decided they could do a review on those queued updates.

    And maybe the permission system. It is somewhat complicated and not at all intuitive for users nor most admins.

    My biggest wise for Discord is selfhosting servers options. But I guess that will never happen or when it will happen they will have some kind of restrictions or whatever.

    So yes. I can list my problems with Teamspeak aswell as with Discord and I'm by no means a fanboi of any of those two. I just want a stable and easy to use voice communication software with a modern layout and maybe some other service integration (see what your friends play on Steam or what musinc they want to share etc) which is somewhat essential for a community today. And TeamSpeak just didn't kept up with features in the last few years. They kinda out of touch with what the online community wants/needs nowadays, were Memes and Youtube/Twitch are the primary used gaming medias...

    So now you gonna tell me that this is just fine etc and its a voice software and not meant to be used as texting service yada yada, but well. Then I might ask why they are planning a overhauled TeamSpeak experienced with a global friendlist system like all other services have them aswell by now?

    I guess the market has decided in some way....

    But maybe I'm completely wrong and we should stick to the "Never change a running system" mentality ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Stirbt TeamSpeak aus?

    Ich benutzte TeamSpeak schon seit vielen vielen Jahren. Und war bis her immer sehr sehr zufrieden, leider ist es so das immer mehr Leute zu etwas anderem wechseln. ich denke mal ich muss nicht sagen zu wem. Und jetzt wo die No Profit Liezens weg ist wird es noch schwerer also Community Betreiber mit Game Server TS3 zu betreiben. Die Kosten was Ihr verlangt sind einfach nicht Tragbar wir einem. Ich würde nur ungerne wechseln. Aber wenn ihr nicht langsam Ihr was macht werdet ihr eindeutig gegen andere Anbieter die man Kostenlos benutzten kann, verlieren.

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