Hey Guys,
i thought about making a similar Thread in this Forum but more from a Developers perspective.
Discord doesn't only have a clean UI and Free Servers but they also use latest technologies and this is what TS4 would need too. It would also decrease maintance effort a lot. Just to break it down Discord is completly developed with Webtechnologies like HTML, Javascript and CSS (in the Frontend [Client]). Now why does it make everything easier? It's because you just have to build an Webapplication which also is advantage number 1 you could access TS via your browser so you don't have to install a client if you don't want to. Advantage number 2 with Electron (Discord client is also based on it) you can easily build a Desktop Client for all Operating Systems without having to do much changes to the original Webapplication you already built in Step 1. But this is just a small part of what Teamspeak is missing.

Just to name a few:
- Bot support (A query is nice but doesn't enable you to build responsive bots)
- Less usage of resources
- A modern Textchat (Sorry but the TS chat is missing much features)
- A cleaner UI which is easier to understand (I don't have a problem using TS but i know a lot of people who won't use it because it's "complicated")

I know how much work a complete rewrite would be but the Software is now around 6 Years old which is a very long time if you think about how fast Technologies are evolving. Also I don'texpect that TS 4 will come in the next month but a usable Beta can be build in a year (I don't know how many devs are working on it but I assume it's not only 5 people).

As a Teamspeak fan(using it on a daily basis) it's sad to see Discord taking over. Especially as a German Developer it makes me sad because nearly every big Service is coming from the US nowadays (Discord too).