I'm a huge fan of TeamSpeak and using it since TS2. And that's the reason why I'm saying what I'm about to say.

It really hurts me that more and more people are leaving Teamspeak and using other crap-software from Keyboard-
manufacturers (Razer) or random company's like Discord, just because it's free (but they are surely paying with there data or such thinks) and way more modern looking and many people loving this new material (thanks google..) look of those programs.

So I'm really in love with TeamSpeak and all the features it has to offer (integrated-File-server, plugins, addons, skins, 3D sound, etc..etc..) but what's coming for the Future? I mean you guys must admit that the Software-Face (GUI) isn't really the state of the art any more.

I got no problem with it, I'm used to it, but there is surely potential for more.

The reason why I'm suggest a new interface with (maybe) new features, is that I don't want to lose TeamSpeak due to lack of user/customers. I want a TeamSpeak 4 or 5 when I'm old

And because this is a suggestion thread, I suggest you guys a look on the discord app for windows, I don't like discord thaaat much, but I must admit, it has a much clearer Interface than TeamSpeak ever had.
And I don't say "make it exactly like Discord is doing it !!!111oneone". No, but maybe take a look and get some ideas from it, I mean, as long as it is possible for you awesome guys which provided me with so many happy and funny moments over the past few years

Don't know if I can post this link here, if not, remove the Link and this line pls.
Just for you(mods, devs) to check it out if you want: https://discordapp.com/apps