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    Serverquery servernotifyregister events list ?


    I'm looking for a list or some kind of documentation on the available events I can register for.

    The documentation says.. & I quote...
    Registers for a specified category of events on a virtual server to receive notification messages. Depending on the notifications you've registered for, the server will send you a message on every event in the view of your ServerQuery client (e.g. clients joining your channel, incoming text messages, server configuration changes, etc)
    But.. Where is the list of these events I am going to receive notifications for ?
    I am coding my bot in nodejs and I cannot listen for events If I do not know what they are.. yet there appears to be no documentation what so ever.. only references to "clients joining your channel... incoming textmesssages"...

    The best reference I have found so far... was this guys -- which is in German. Regardless... it seems to be very limited.
    This cannot be all the events available to receive notifications for..

    If some Teamspeak Support could get back to me on this... that would be great.. because right now, documentation is running at ZERO.

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    Please read the part with servernotifyregister again.
    All possible events are written in the Syntax.

    | is an option and [] is optional when event channel was used.

    Taken from server 3.0.12 doc
    servernotifyregister event={server|channel|textserver|textchannel|textprivate} [id={channelID}]
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    Thanks for your response!

    What you have listed above from the documentation are not the names of the events that get emitted but rather the names of the event emitter we subscribe to. Can you please provide a comprehensive list of all the names of the actual events that get emitted?

    here are some examples for better understanding:


    The words within the quote above are the names of some of those events that get emitted by the event emitter (e.g. 'notifychannelchanged'). This is confusing within your documentation because they are called 'events' although they are actually event emitters. If you provide me with the requested information and a way to issue a pull request to your repository I am willing to fix that for you.

    Have a great day!

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    The documentation on is fully complete. Emitters as you call them are called "Kanšle" on that page. There is no other documentation on this topic. That's why there is this picture on the right of the article.
    There are so many issues with the query documentation. Just don't even try to fix them.

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