I'm looking for a list or some kind of documentation on the available events I can register for.

The documentation says.. & I quote...
Registers for a specified category of events on a virtual server to receive notification messages. Depending on the notifications you've registered for, the server will send you a message on every event in the view of your ServerQuery client (e.g. clients joining your channel, incoming text messages, server configuration changes, etc)
But.. Where is the list of these events I am going to receive notifications for ?
I am coding my bot in nodejs and I cannot listen for events If I do not know what they are.. yet there appears to be no documentation what so ever.. only references to "clients joining your channel... incoming textmesssages"...

The best reference I have found so far... was this guys -- which is in German. Regardless... it seems to be very limited.
This cannot be all the events available to receive notifications for..

If some Teamspeak Support could get back to me on this... that would be great.. because right now, documentation is running at ZERO.