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    I can't install plugins.

    So today i tried to download clownfish and a soundboard plugin() that my friends have but whenver i double click the files whcih end with a .ts3_plugin i see the plugin installator starting in my task manager but i don't see anything on my screen and after 5 seconds it dissapears on the task manager aswell, i tried to install the plugins with teamspeak closed like the installations said but then i tried to do it while ts was open and still same thing happened, i also went to my appdata and found my ts3 folder but there was no plugin folder is that the problem? i also didnt find a thing called createfileassoc.exe like i saw in some other posts

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    Assuming you are on Windows: The "AppData\Roaming\TS3Client" folder is for data, not the programs or plugins which should normally be in "Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client" area if installed for all users. If during install you select to install only for you it may be in "AppData\Local\TeamSpeak 3 Client".

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    I did install only for me since i am the only user on this comptuer but there is no Teamspeak client foler only a TS3Client in my appdata and as i said there is not plugin installer there and i really need these plugins so please help?

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    Find the TeamSpeak3 Icon on your desktop or in your start menu, right click -> open file location

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