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    Use PHP framework for a shop for ranks ?

    Hi there,

    The title is pretty explicit : I'm trying to get my users to pay so i don't sell an organ every month to pay my server...
    I'm running an OVH Debian 8 dedicated server (not a VPS), with basically a LAMP server, teamspeak, and several game servers.
    Our main website is a wordpress, so there are many shop plugins to make my life easier, and i'm pretty sure one could run PHP/MySQL commands on completion to make a kind of management system.

    So i thought about using the PHP framework for that purpose... Users would have to indicate their Identity ID when buying, and the server would take care of the rest... (or maybe it could be automated too with a token included in a connexion link ?)

    So i'm wondering : Did somebody already worked and published something of that kind ? Should i work on it from scratch ?
    I have a very basic PHP knowledge, and basically no MySQL knowledge, so it would be hard to work on it on my own... Any help would be very appreciated.

    Thanks for your attention.

    PS : Reference that helped a bit for the concept itself :
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