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    Only Can Connect to My Server When On My Wifi

    I have set up my server on my computer, as well as gone through all of the procedures to open the ports 9987, 10011, and 30033. I have of course been able to connect to my server through my computer through localhost as well as my 192.x.x.x ip address, and from my phone through the same ip address. However, on my phone when I disconnect from my wifi I cannot connect.

    I have noticed my ip address on is not the 192.x.x.x but instead is 116.x.x.x.

    I am running TS3 on OSX El Capitan.

    How can I solve this? I'm new to the whole thing so please explain fully.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANR Daemon View Post
    Full explanation: You are not ready to host your own server due to sheer lacking of knowledge in multiple areas.
    Rent a server from ATHP.
    thanks for being so wonderfully helpful and polite! I've I managed to get it to work with your reply.

    no but seriously it's working now.

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