Greetings TS Forum users, hope you're all having a good day!

I'm seeking help from you guys in order to address the following problems:

I'm a frequent TS user and I pay a server-provider for my own TS3 server.
I've never experienced problems with TS3, I've never faced any disconnects etc
Until a couple of months ago, when I reinstalled my computer, a few months ago.

Then I started to experience some lags (robotic) when others talked, while they said they heard
Each other fine, and said that I was the one lagging, I started to get disconnected for
10-20 seconds, and could later reconnect again, and it was back to normal.

This used to happen until recently, when I opened all the ports for TS3, in hope of
finding the solution. This resulted in that I don't hear the others lag, I hear them perfectly
fine, but they still hear me becoming a robot, and I still disconnect frequently.

The funny thing is that once I'm disconnected from the server I own, I can still
other server without any problem whatsoever. Remember I don't host this server myself.

Anyway, my voice is still robotic, my friends are complaining its loud. This can happen
every 10-15 minutes. Sometimes it happens every hour, on a good day.

I'm using a wired connection of 100/100, with a cable from my PC to port 1 in my router.
My dad never complains that he's experiencing issues with the network, so obviously it has
to do with the internet settings on my PC, as I'm the only one experiencing these problems.
Reminder: I have opened l the ports for TS3 (this stopped me from experiencing robotic voices
from my friends).

Also worth to mention is that every time I get disconnected, my webpages either load really slow or they can't load at all, and the IRC client I'm using (hexchat) disconnects from the servers I'm using. (Connection to peer reset)
is the message that I get. Steam, the games I'm playing, spotify and everything else doesn't get affected at all.

You could pretty much say it feels like my TS3, google chrome and hexchat gets DDOSed for 20-30 secs every now and then.

So yeah, it's an Internet problem for sure, that only affects me.
So now I'm reaching out to you guys, hoping for a helping hand.

Have a great day guys