I'm fairly often in our TS server's afk, or semi-afk channel, I'm not necessarily afk, so I still hear the sounds. What bothers me, is that in these channels, speech is turned off, but I still hear the sounds "User joined your channel", "User has left your channel". These notifications are completely useless in these channels, as I do not need to know that someone else in our 100 slot TS server has gone afk, or come back.

I can't turn off the notifications, as it is important for me to hear them when I am not in the afk channel. And having a hotkey to it would most likely make me forget to use it. Which can be a bad idea if I am talking to someone on a channel about sensitive stuff that not everyone else should hear.

Please, tell me there is a way for me to set a specific channel to not give these notifications. Or a way for the server admin to do so.