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    How to reset serveradmin account?

    I've got problem with server admin. When I am logging with serveradmin I cant do anything because serveradmin doesnt have any group.
    Is there any way to reset serveradmin account?

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    If you mean the Query group "serveradmin" can not do anything anymore ->
    Delete your server database and start from scratch. The captain has left the ship already.

    But if you mean the server group "Server Admin" can't do anything ->
    Do a permreset or Copy (and overwrite) permissions from template group 3


    If you mean, you did assign yourself the serveramin group ->
    Start from scratch and never ever do that again! It's not supported
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    Server Admin Problems

    Hello all,

    I'm new in this forum so I'm sorry if I post this issue in the wrong forum.

    A while ago I setup the teamspeak 3 for our clan.
    All worked fine.

    For a short time ago suddenly I can't modify server groups anymore. As a server admin.

    I tried to set the channel modify powers and it says insufficient rights. I can remove rights, I can't set them.

    As for this issue I can't modify any channels either.

    I hope somebody can help me out because it's be nerving at the time.

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