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Thread: Need Help!!!

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    Need Help!!!


    i reinstalled my Computer and install the current version of teamspeak...
    Now i logged in and im just a guest.. (Server not changed...)

    How can i get back my ServerAdmin rights?

    Kind regards...
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    JoelJCE Guest
    If you don't have that identity saved anywhere that you can import it from (which in this case seems unlikely) then you have two options.

    If you're hosting your own TeamSpeak 3 server, telnet into ServerQuery, login to the serveradmin account and create a new privilege key for your Server Admin server group.

    If you're renting a TeamSpeak 3 server from an ATHP, they generally provide you with a control panel (typically TCAdmin) which will allow you to create a privilege key for your Server Admin server group. If you don't have access to a control panel for your server, contact the server provider and let them know that you need a new privilege key generated for that particular group.

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