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    What specs do Teamspeak 3 server have?

    Hello! Im thinking about to Host a Teamspeak 3 server on a "VDS"
    VIRTUAL DEDICATED SERVERS. I already hosting a teamspeak server on where I pay for each slot but thinking about a "VDS" on We espect to be around 50 players as MAX and want to be able to handle 100 slots with no problem.

    Here is the link ---->

    Which one should I take? (want to have it so cheap as possible with best performance)

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    I'm running my TS3 server together with web-, mail-, mysql- and vpn server on a machine that is somewhat equivalent to the "vds standard 1" without any issues.

    For only running a TS3 server it is probably sufficient to take one of the entry models. The 10mbit bandwidth on the entry models may limit huge conferences with 100 people in 1 channel. But if your people are always distributed over a few channels it would be fine. RAM may be not enough on these machines.

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    Why that host? It looks quite expensive to me. In Germany, prices are like 1/4 or 1/3 or these. If you are only running a 100-slot TeamSpeak, you can basically use any VPS out there.

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