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    [HELP] Old account Unique Id?

    I've been researching how to reset my server admin password for my TS3 server that I haven't used in a long time and now wish to start using again. It took me quite a while, but I got that all sorted out! Now, I'm running on empty as it's 7:30am here and I haven't gone to sleep. I'm sorry if this is a simple question with a simple answer, I just can't figure it out right now.

    The question I have now is this. On my server I am connected as a Server Admin. I can see from the "List All Clients" option under "Permissions" my old nickname and it's corresponding Unique Identifier. When I login on my new PC with the same Nickname, it essentially creates a new account on the server. Is there a way for me to gain access back to my old account? The old account's Unique ID is listed, is there some way to either take the original account's Unique ID and access it on my new PC?

    This isn't too big a deal, but I'd like to use the old account as it had my avatar and some custom information as well. Also, I'm just curious as to how this can be resolved in case other old users return and want access to their original accounts that are still stored on the server.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    These identities are stored client-side, they can be exported/imported via Settings > Identities in TeamSpeak. You'd need to export from your old PC then import onto your new PC to be able to use the same UID on your server.

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