So I have ran a teamspeak 3 server for quite some time now without a hitch.. Had my ports forwarded, all my settings right... had an average amount of people in there. 2 Days ago with the snow storm we had a couple of power outtages. I was gaming/using teamspeak during this time. After the first outtage PC came back online I turned on my normal programs, including teamspeak 3 server at which point we connect and I was gaming again with a buddy. About 30 minuets later another outtage went and well doing my normal thing started up the server but this time no one could connect. I have re-check my ports even called my internet company and made them re- forward the ports and reinstalled teamspeak server and everything. But still no luck I cannot connect even though its running in processes and neither can any of my friends connect. Could anyone help me with this issue.