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    Sticky Surround Sound Mic Question

    Hello guys I have a quick question I have a AT2020 Microphone with a ProFX8 v2 USB Mixer and I use to be able to make my voice appear in only one ear when certain Teamspeak 3 channels are set to the "music settings". When I use to make a Blue Yeti that use to work, I would talk in one side of my microphone and it would appear in the users left or right ear.

    So my question is how do I make my AT2020 only work in one ear for other users in a "music setting" channel.

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    Unlike the Yeti, the AT2020 is not a stereo mic, hence the only difference it'll make from where you speak is sound quality. You should be able to set the direction via the pan knob on your mixer though.

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    Alright thanks for the advice ill try it out.

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    Tried it does not work thanks for trying to help though.

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