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    Question Query | channellist -icon returns a minus number for icon IDs

    Hey everyone,

    I'm fiddling around with the Query and when I use 'channellist -icon', some returned icon ID values.
    For example, I'm getting a value of '-576820448' when it's supposed to be 3718146848.

    Why does that happen?

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    EDIT: Solution is one post below. Please keep this thread so people can find it later on Search Engines
    Guy B.
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    So I've found a solution to the problem.

    It seems as if the icon IDs are being returned as 32-BIT SIGNED INT. The max number for this type is 0x7FFFFFFF (2147483647) and some icon IDs are larger than that, reaching up to 0xFFFFFFFF (4294967295), being 32-BIT UNSIGNED INT limit.

    To solve this, whenever retrieving IDs which are larger than 0x7FFFFFFF, simply apply bitwise AND operator to the number with 0xFFFFFFFF.

    There's a solution example with PHP (lines 16 to 19):
    PHP Code:
    $value['channel_icon_id']=sprintf('%u'$value['channel_icon_id'] & 0xffffffff);

    It seems like it's a bug with the TeamSpeak Query software.
    If I'm wrong and there's another explanation, please let me know below.

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    Your are right. TeamSpeak's use of datatypes is entirely random. For example, icons are sometimes Integers and sometimes UInts. Icon numbers returned by the servers are always signed. Setting permissions is also done with signed numbers. Editing servers must be done unsigned. Editing channels via channeledit must be done unsigned as well, but is heavily bugged and will cause data loss on your server. I suggest using permissions for this (which require the number to be unsigned), which are also required for editing clients.
    A similar problem exists with file transfer quota. The query interface returns a UInt64, but the client displays an Int64.
    More can be found here.

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