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    Keep track of abusive users


    Is there a better way to keep track of abusive users other than manually checking nicknames, IP addresses, global ID &/ DB ID?

    The server I'm hosting occasionally runs into small waves of abusers who think it's funny to harass other users, normally it's not a problem since I give them 1-7 day ban depending on how abusive they've been, but when you have a larger server (maximum of 512 slots) there's a lot of users connecting and disconnecting and it's hard to do a manual check on everyone.
    There's a chance some of them will be returning abusers and they can just have changed their nickname to fool me unless I check their global ID/DB ID of course - a lot of work. I know there are bots but I'm not familiar with any bot other than an idle bot I'm running through java. (Are there maybe bots available for my monitoring purposes?)

    Any tips would be highly appreciated!

    This thread might be misplaced, I don't know, if so, would a moderator be so kind to move the thread?

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    The only way to indentify returning client is through its UID, and even that is not certain.
    A determined abuser could create new identity (=UID) for each connection, and you will never be able to completely stop him from connecting to your server.
    The highest defense level is invite-only server with you distributing tokens to join with power enough to use server resources.
    You can work down from that, but each step down makes it more and more likely for abusers to come.

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