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    Seeking for help with Client SDK


    I am currently trying to code my first TeamSpeak client plugin. test_plugin works with no problems. Now I want to test connecting to a server. But when I copy+paste the code given in the documentation, Visual Studio won't compile the project. It outputs error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol ts3client_spawnNewServerConnectionHandler referenced in function ts3plugin_onMenuItemEvent test_plugin. The ts3Functions variable doesn't work either, as the required ts3client_createIdentity() function does not exist in it.

    Thanks in advance!

    Lukas aka AzzuroNote

    void ts3plugin_onMenuItemEvent(uint64 serverConnectionHandlerID, enum PluginMenuType type, int menuItemID, uint64 selectedItemID) {
    	unsigned int error;
    	uint64 scHandlerID;
    	char* identity;
    	printf("PLUGIN: onMenuItemEvent: serverConnectionHandlerID=%llu, type=%d, menuItemID=%d, selectedItemID=%llu\n", (long long unsigned int)serverConnectionHandlerID, type, menuItemID, (long long unsigned int)selectedItemID);
    	switch (type) {
    		/* Global menu item was triggered. selectedItemID is unused and set to zero. */
    		switch (menuItemID) {
    		case MENU_ID_GLOBAL_1:
    			/* Menu global 1 was triggered */
    			error = ts3client_spawnNewServerConnectionHandler(&scHandlerID);
    			if (error != ERROR_ok) {
    				printf("Error spawning server conection handler: %d\n", error);
    			error = ts3client_createIdentity(&identity);  /* Application should store and reuse the identity */
    			if (error != ERROR_ok) {
    				printf("Error creating identity: %d\n", error);
    			error = ts3client_startConnection(scHandlerID, identity,
    				"", 9987, "Gandalf", NULL, "", "");
    			if (error != ERROR_ok) {
    				printf("Error connecting server: %d\n", error);
    			ts3client_freeMemory(identity);  /* Don't need this anymore */

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    Those docs are for the client sdk.
    Not every function is available in the pluginsdk, such as the one in question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philosound View Post
    Those docs are for the client sdk.
    Not every function is available in the pluginsdk, such as the one in question.
    Yeah, already figured that out with a lot of trial and error... For following readers: the identity var I was looking for is saved in the file where all identity vars can be found. If you are writing the Plugin just for yourself you can copy the long string from there. Have Fun


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