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    Removed Server Admin Query from Server Admin Query Tool. Please help!

    So I am very stupid and curious, and I was wondering what would happen if I removed the Server Admin Query tag from YaTQA, entirely messing it up. Anyway to add the tag back to the query tool? If you don't know what YaTQA is, it is basically a server query tool like putty. I also didn't give the server admin query tag to myself because it said it would mess everything up. Please help!

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    Use a server backup or start from scratch.
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    Deleted Admin Server Query


    Ive got a big problem,

    I copied the Admin Server Query Group to give it an icon.
    Then I deleted the old Group.
    Now I cant login to YATQA with the user serveradmin anymore.
    The User has no Permissions anymore.
    Is it possible to give him permissions back?
    Give him the new Admin Server Query group?

    Thanks for your Help.

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    Use a backup or start from scratch.

    You must explicitly enable destroying your server in the YaTQA setting, and people really check that checkbox. Those people deserve to start from scratch again.

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