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    TS3 Client blocking other HID on Win10x64


    after the latest windows update (not upgrade! I've used Win10 also before) which was simply called "update to windows 10 pro" the TS3 client has a somehow weird behavior of blocking other input devices except the two I'm using by default.

    I've 2 Keyboards, 2 Mice and 1 Footswitch. (The 2nd keyboard+mouse to control my PC from my couch) and the footswitch for PTT. PTT button is "numlock". TS3-Client version is

    Everything is working just fine until I start the "Capute-Test" in the options of the client or I simply connect to a server. When I only start the client, start the caputure and stop it the 2nd keyboard+mouse and the footswitch is working again. Connecting to a server and disconnecting doesn't revive the other inputs - I have to close the client to make them work again.

    I've already tried to change the hotkey preset from "Default" to "Keyboard & Mouse Only" with no effect. Trying an older TS3-Client version (3.0.14 - with wiped configuration!) showed that this issue persists and is (only a feeling) maybe a change in the windows API (input hooks?).

    I could live with the blocked 2nd keyboad+mouse but the footswitch is used for PTT which is super-annoying as it's useless now.

    Could you please fix this or explain me how to to workaround this behavior?

    If you need any further information feel free to ask.


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    Teamspeak is disabling all 12 side buttons on my razer naga

    Cant figure out whats going on here. My 12 side buttons on my razer naga work flawlessly with other software/games.

    I load up Teamspeak (no server connected), and the buttons still work fine...

    As soon as I join a server, suddenly all 12 side buttons stop working. They are assigned to keys 1-12 on the keyboard (which still work fine). I normally can use my mouse, in this text box for instance, to type 12345 by hitting the mouse buttons since they are treated as keyboard presses. However, after joining a server in TS, that functionality is gone. The side buttons are not recognized by anything, not even TS.

    The only way to get the use of the side buttons back, is to completely shut down TS.

    Mouse 1-5 (all the top buttons) still work fine however.

    Something is happening when TS connects to a server that is disabling my buttons, and try as I might, no settings or options seem to fix it. Thoughts or ideas?


    oh yeah

    Win 10
    Latest version of razer synapse (mouse driver/config) running.

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    Razer Naga buttons not working

    I am having the exact same problem as Zewks.

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