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    Limit max user can be set in a channel

    I'm admin in a teamspeak owned by a friend of mine and I'm a bit curious as to whether or not there's a permission that'll allow me to restrict how many clients can be in a channel by default, as in a value defined by me and restricted to a specific server group. We allow our clients to create their own channels and allow them to have locked ones but recently we've decided we want to add a limit to how many clients can be in said channels when they're created. I've looked around a bit and can't find any permissions that would allow me to do so and Haven't found much in the way of anyone else asking the same thing. If anyone can offer some help it would be appreciated.

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    You can allow that a user edits the value for "max users / family max user" via permissison b_channel_modify_maxclients and b_channel_modify_maxfamilyclients.
    But you can not set the max value for that setting. This is not possible.
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