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    (OS X) Mic activation doesn't work after computer sleeps. Restarting solves it.

    I have OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.1
    TeamSpeak 3
    Version (10/22/15 06:14:48)
    Qt Version 5.5.0

    When I close my computer, it goes into a sleep/standby state. If I close my computer with teamspeak open, and I am actively connected to a server, the problem is initiated. I open back up my computer and regain connection. However, when I join a channel on the server I was last connected to, I can hear everyone and they are alerted to my presence, but when I push my push-to-talk button, the blue indicator does not light up and they also cannot hear me. I resolve the issue by exiting teamspeak and starting it up again.

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    Is there anything in your client log?
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    I've had this problem so many times. Honestly, I just opted to sell my MBP and build a pc, because no one wants to seem to want to deal with having to fix issues for Mac clients.

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