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    Mute microphone audio indicator

    Too many times have I had to move to an AFK channel to indicate to everyone in the channel know that one person is not available to listen anymore. I could tell them something like "Hey, I'm muting." but it could be during a conversation where people are trying to talk to each other. I already don't have to tell them "Hey, I'm leaving the channel." all the time since the server does that for me. I also mute my sound since it is convenient when I need the noise to stop. I notice that the channel is globally updated so everyone else can see that I am muted with an icon. So, in that sense, it is not a client-only status. I think that, at least, there should be client setting that indicates with an audio que "User muted." and "User unmuted." when anyone's icon is updated. Furthermore, I less restrictively suggest that this setting is on by default. It would be similar in function to the existing audio indicators "User joined the channel." and "User left the channel." but less nuisance since instead of 6 and 6 syllables, they are 4 and 5. If this is too big of a change for user experience, perhaps add it in as a default off setting so some can voluntarily try it out experimentally by activating it in their settings. They will be able to provide feedback on how useful or annoying it is.

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    I don't like the idea to hear, when someone else does mute/unmute (or goes away and turns back) himself.
    This is such an annyoing sound in my opinion like a user do join and leave channel all the time.
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