Hi guys

- Asus Xonar U7 (USB Soundcard)
- Sennheiser HD598
- ModMic 4.0

My Problem is when i calibrate the Mic in Windows correctly (Properties, Level is about 60 -> perefect) then everybody can understand me clear and well in Teamspeak 3.0. When i start Counter Strike GO for example then with Level 60 the voice is so loud nobody can hear me and the mic makes the static noise...

If i reduce the Level to 15 then everybody can understand me ingame and my voice is good and clear without any static noise. But in Teamspeak nobody can hear me, because when i set the Level slide under 50 my voice in teamspeak 3.0 is too silent.

So i need you help. What can i do to boost the mic in Teamspeak or any other tips?

Best regards