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    Quote Originally Posted by Jan Opel View Post
    Good jobe, i would prefer more the black ones than the withe template.
    Thank you! If you want to use the style you can get it here:, best be used with the dedicated icon pack:

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    Hey @Brady_The After a long time Iīm back for an issue that I found. Maybe you can fix this, I didnīt try to change some code by myself this time.
    I first thought it was an issue with TS3 itself but I checked and the issue is coming from your nice theme.
    So on my Surface Pro the UI is a little bit buggy. Iīll just add a screenshot so I donīt have to write anything
    Name:  Unbenannt.png
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    As you can see in the settings menu the column is a little bit too small and the icons in the context menus are overlapping the text. Also while editing channel powers the numbers arenīt displayed fully.
    When you select the default theme with your icon pack the issue doesnīt exist

    Thank you for the theme! Been using it forever now

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    Hey D0mm4S, thanks for the feedback, and the kind words! I'll definitely take a look.

    Quote Originally Posted by D0mm4S View Post
    Surface Pro
    I have the feeling that is the problem. What resolution are you running on the tablet? Are you using a custom scaling factor (Display Customisation)?
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