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    [Release] DarkenTS - Save the eyes

    Hello everyone,

    following you will find my interpretation of a dark design for TeamSpeak. Being an owner of a multi monitor system I always felt annoyed by this big pearly-white spot disturbing my nightly gaming session, which finally forced my hand. Most areas of TeamSpeak should be covered. Still, there might be some spots left I missed. Or some settings are just not suitable for daily use. Hit me up if you found bugs, have suggestions, etc.

    The design was created with following Design settings:

    Style: System Default (Important, other styles might change the appearance of DarkenTS and introduce glitches. Styles mainly change the design of GUI elements, which, in almost every single instance will be overwritten by DarkenTS.)

    and comes with a unique icon set, fitting the dark theme.


    Screenshots DarkenTS:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1_Main151.png 
Views:	10285 
Size:	214.7 KB 
ID:	15217
    Screenshots DarkenTS - Dissension:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1_Main101.png 
Views:	6402 
Size:	223.9 KB 
ID:	15218
    Screenshots DarkenTS - Desolation:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ts3client_win64_2017-05-22_23-49-37.png 
Views:	6561 
Size:	370.5 KB 
ID:	15564
    Download [1.6.2] Download [1.1.3] Download [1.1]
    Screenshots Icon set (Preview):
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DarkenTS152IconPreview.png 
Views:	1939 
Size:	95.8 KB 
ID:	15219
    LightenTS Icon Pack (used to be with default/light themes)
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	LightenTS12IconPreview.png 
Views:	1380 
Size:	97.3 KB 
ID:	15394
    Download [1.6.1] Download [1.2.1]

    myTeamSpeak is the only official download source. If you find my themes and icon packs somewhere else, I cannot guarantee that you receive the original, most up-to-date addons.

    Please report any bugs or design flaws you encounter, as well as feature wishes.


    Q My title bar looks white instead of green. Why is that?
    A I am using Windows 10 as an Operating System with a custom colour scheme, which affects the appearance of the TeamSpeak title bar. Using a different Operating System, or a different colour scheme may change the overall look of the TeamSpeak title bar. Have a look at this post to find out how to change this behaviour.

    Considerable changes (v 1.5.1): License change (TL;DR: No changes for end user, more information in respectively DarkenTS.qss, DarkenTS-Dissension.qss, and settings.ini)
    Considerable changes (v 1.5): Added Dissension style. Added circular variation of player talk status icons, similar to TeamSpeak defaults: To change icons navigate to '%appdata%\TS3Client\gfx\DarkenTS', remove or rename 'settings.ini', and rename 'settings__TalkIcons.ini' into 'settings.ini'. Reworked the display of Channel Topic and Channel Description in Extended TPL.
    Considerable changes (v 1.4): Changed GUI elements file structure: Deleting the existing theme folder "/styles/DarkenTS" before updating is recommended.
    Considerable changes (v 1.3): Art style of existing icons changed. Added missing icons. Icon pack complete..
    Considerable changes (v 1.2): If you want to use the extended .tpl versions, navigate to "TeamSpeak 3 Client\styles\DarkenTS\_Extended", copy and paste all .tpl's into the style root folder. Additionally you can backup all .tpl's into the _Default folder.
    Considerable changes (v 1.1): By request of Deireadh and monkyyx I added the option for TabBar borders and ScrollBar buttons. Per default those options are disabled. For more information read the changelog in DarkenTS.qss.

    Note: TabBar borders are set up as example. Customisation to fit the theme or your own liking is needed.

    This work is licensed under the Brady Use-NoSharing-NoDerivatives 1.0 WW License.
    Use - Not only ok, but very much welcomed.
    Copy-pasting to cheese-unlock myTeamSpeak Developer badge - Not ok, not allowed. I will find you.
    Last edited by Brady_The; September 6th, 2019 at 06:54 PM. Reason: Update: Changed Windows 10 title bar note into a (in)FAQ format

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