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    "Server has been shut down: Server Shutdown!"

    I host a Teamspeak 3 server ( version) on Amazon AWS on an Ubuntu OS. The Teamspeak server has managed 70 days uptime in the past, and has been hosted on the Amazon servers since October without any hiccups. I recently rebooted it 2 weeks ago so that's how long it was up for before the following happened:

    About 10 users connected to TS and it randomly just broadcasted "Server has been shut down: Server Shutdown!" and booted everyone off. It seemed to still be online when I connected to the server but I rebooted the whole instance anyway.

    I was just wondering where to get log files or the proper troubleshooting steps to take to figure out how this occured as it was very odd to see the Teamspeak just randomly shutdown out of nowhere.

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    You get the logs in the logs folder.
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    to search for logfile, just navigate to /your/TeamSpeak/installation/path/log
    in that directory,you would find some server log
    i hope this helps

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