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    [Help] Trying to compile and run example plugin, shows Failed to open plugin.

    I'm trying to make my own plugin, and first I want to make sure everything works fine, I have all the headers and source files copied from the pluginsdk to my C++ Project (Visual Studio 2015) and included.. I have it set to build the project to a .dll, the build process runs fine but when I try to load it into TeamSpeak, it fails, only telling me "Plugin failed to load: Failed to open plugin."

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Hi Ducky,

    I dont use visual studio but it works for me as follow:
    I copied the plugin.c and plugin.h files and compiled it with the gcc compiler like in this link:
    You can try to install the gcc compiler for windows and try to compile with it.

    Please loock in you plugin source code amd make shure, that the init- and shutdown- function are available in your plugin.

    Sorry i am a beginner too and dont have more ideas. I hope that helps.
    Bye Mehonidas
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    Note that there's the file ending convention for _win32 & _win64. A 64bit ts client trying to load a 32 bit dll, which would happen with a 32 bit build not following that, would be one cause for that problem.

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    It might also be that because you're using 2015 and the TeamSpeak client is using 2013 that there are some incompatibilities between those which may cause your plugin to not be recognized correctly.
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    Go to the configuration manager and create a new build group called x64 (instead of Any CPU), this worked for me and I use Visual Studio 2015

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