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    Show whos talking WINDOW NOT OVERLAY

    i love overlays but its making games load very slow and kicks me out of other games/programs so i had an idea sorry if posted b4

    a who is speaking window that works like the basic built in overlay minimal view that can be made transparent and always "ontop" but NOT a code injection into other programs so doesnt get detected by anti cheating software (and then get u kicked/banned for just seeing whos talking)

    is this possible? coz i LOVE and NEED being able to see who is talking on open coms AND wispers BUT atm i cant use the overlays coz they crash the game clients and get me kicked from others

    now i play my games in maxed windowed mode but only 1 monitor and finding who is talking for half a second spamming so i can yell at them in a channel with more people than can be displayed is very painful and seeing the name just pop up ingame is epicly easyer to deal with so if i can have this abilty without a code injection would be soooo helpful

    sorry if i have rambled im autistic and dislexic and hurding cats on teamspeak is hard without an overlay that works

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    This is not possible without any overlay.

    You could use your Android phone for this if you do not like overlays on your desktop.
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    I'm pretty sure an always on top window would only work if you play in windowed mode.
    DX Fullscreen apps will always be on top if they are focused I think.
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