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    Question Easliy clean up old files - possible?

    We have a single channel on our server where we enable file-uploads to our users to share small files with short life-span. Is there an easy way to clean those up e.g. every morning?

    Also, for temporary channels, am I correct to assume that all files uploaded to a channel will be garbage-collected/deleted when the channel is removed?

    Can I just delete these files on a filesystem-basis or will that leave the server database out of sync? I know that there is a serverquery-interface to handle files like the command ftgetfilelist etc., but that is very inconvenient to use.

    Maybe a nice feature would be a channel specific permission like i_ft_file_maxage which takes an argument in seconds and after that time has passed, the file is automatically deleted?
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    Deleting the channel also deletes the files.
    Yes, it is also possible to delete the files directly from the hard drive, but there is no support from us if anything happens with the server.
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    Thanks dante,

    I guess that means that the server does no "garbage collection" for deleted files when it checks the file system (if it does that at all). Serverquery it is, then!

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