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The rights management of Discord is very limited.
The rights management of Discord is also very straightforward which is actually an advantage. TeamSpeak's permission system is powerful, but actually too powerful for the average user.

A very common use case is to grant group A access to channel A and group B access to channel B but both groups should not be able to join the other group's channel.

In Discord, this is only a matter of creating two roles and assigning them to the corresponding channels.

With TeamSpeak on the other hand, users mess around with "join power" and "needed join power" for hours until they eventually give up and resort to using channel passwords instead.

From a usability point of view, TeamSpeak's permission system actually sucks because it is not immediately obvious to the average user what they have to do in order to implement rather simple use cases and it's more likely that these users actually end up messing up their server's permissions in a way which opens up security holes which in turn results in statements like "my server has been hacked" and bored kids uploading their "I hacked this TeamSpeak server" videos on YouTube where they simply used the server's broken permissions setup to give themselves permissions which they were not supposed to be able to get.

And with the constraint that TeamSpeak 5 and TeamSpeak 3 are going to co-exists for a while, I don't expect any big changes to that permissions system anytime soon.

Don't get me wrong, TeamSpeak is still my voice com of choice but from a usability point of view I'd say that - TeamSpeak 5 aside - Discord is currently the better option.