Hi random TeamSpeak User,

there are many flaws in your logic, let me point out some of them.
The TeamSpeak Android / IOs app has never been free of cost. To setup a server with Discord is easier that is true. The Teamspeak UI does the job. All of TeamSpeaks features are usable through it. If you don't like it get a skin for it.

TeamSpeaks main interest is generating money by selling stuff to you. Discord on the other hand is generating money differently. YOU ARE THE PRODUCT. Discord is saving anything you do on their services. They even tell you about it on their privacy page. https://discordapp.com/privacy
You don't pay with money, you pay with more targeted ads, you pay with YOUR INFORMATION, YOUR PRIVACY.
Come on dude the app is not even 2$. Is your privacy not even worth 2$?

Teamspeak on the other hand is selling licences, apps and so on. They are not interested in selling your privat data/ information.

Sure leave but don't complain when you personal freedom is tackled. You are giving all your info to them freely for them to sell.

Have a nice day.