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    Ok guys... I've read a lot of these "Discord VS TeamSpeak" and "Discord is better than TeamSpeak" postings now and I can't help but posting my personal opinion on this topic... I'm using TeamSpeak since 2003 and I still think it's the best VoIP solution out there. Again... I'm not writing this as a representative of TeamSpeak Systems GmbH.

    So... I've tested Discord for some time now and yes, I have to admit, that it's an eye-catcher with its modern UI and text chat capabilities. But apart from these two features, it simply can't compete with TeamSpeak 3. Here's why:

    1. The desktop client is an Electron based web application written in JavaScript. This is a bummer on performance when you're joining servers with a lot of people online. The client almost maxed out the CPU of my MacBook Pro when I joined an Overwatch community server. I'd say their statement that Discord is not affecting the FPS of your game is simply a lie.
    2. Almost half of my friends I was testing with had audio issues. We've experienced distortion, cracking sounds and lags. TeamSpeak worked out of the box for all of them.
    3. With the free version of Discord, you can only upload files up to 8 MBytes. Getting Discord Nitro for $4.99 a month allows you to share files up to 50 MBytes. I'm sharing a lot of files with friends. Most of them even bigger than what Discord can do. TeamSpeak's file transfer is without limits and other people can already start downloading while you're uploading as the TeamSpeak Server will automatically adjust transfer rates.
    4. Discord does not provide sub-channels or spacers which makes it hard to organize the structure of your channels. Also, I think the area displaying the channel tree is too small and makes it hard to see where people are and who's talking.
    5. Discord does not have a plugin system. As a person who likes to adjust software to my needs, I really miss all the customization features TeamSpeak provides.
    6. Discord does not allow me to join multiple voice servers and/or channels at once.
    7. The iOS app is very unstable and constantly crashes on me. I did not test the Android version tho.

    I could name more, but these were the main reasons why I stopped using it. Also, most people seem to forget that TeamSpeak with all its features is completely free for groups up to 32 people. I've not seen many Discord servers with that many people online so I think that comparing prices is quite unfair.

    Just my two cents...

    I so agree with you on all of these points. I'd like to add a few of my own.

    1. STABILITY STABILITY STABILITY! Teamspeak's uptimes embarrass Discords. I am on a lot of servers for it and am constantly seeing problems with text messages posting quickly or at all, voice going in and out like crazy, not to mention servers completely failing. Whereas Teampseak so rarely crashes that most servers stay up a full year plus without breaking a sweat if a competent admin is at the con.

    2. In this case you get what you pay for, Discord offers a lot of fancy promises and dreams for the future but they are short on competency and working builds. Their QA is virtually non existent and it's free services aren't going to last, eventually they will have to start charging for things. I'm an overqualified Sales Operations Specialist and I've run the numbers on their business model and eventually it will be similar if not more expensive than TS. While still having less than 50% of the power of TS. Yes Teamspeak costs you but you'd be crazy to think that the company isn't sacrificing a lot of profits by keeping it as cheap as it is for the features it offers. Teamspeak wins this one.

    3. Customization. If you need an explanation then I think you should do some research first to see the difference. You will be astounded at the diffference.

    4. myTeamspeak is far superior to a Discord account. And it's just barely been released and yet it's already better with all of it's bugs. I mean seriously, who makes an account locked to 1 name on all servers without being able to do anything more than this stupid nickname of theirs? I have 5 different names I use depending on the game genre and most people don't use the same name across genres. Talk about broke as hell and unintuitive.

    5. Bots. LMAO! Who even creates a program that requires special connection instances to run scripts and shit? With TS you can simply connect a plugin or addon or extra coding on the server itself that doesn't require you to mooch off of your girlfriends pc to run a bot.

    6. Roles in Discord is like trying to survive without all of your major organs in Teamspeak. I own a couple Discord servers and the two programs don't even function in the same universe of permissions excellence.

    7. Administration of Teamspeak is the most powerful out there hands down, from a security perspective Discord bans and kicks are easily defeated. With Teamspeak you can easily lock your server down so that it's impossible for anyone to defeat a ban without spending an insane amount of time on it. In which case you're probably a loser with no life so you have fun getting back on a server while the rest of us have fun with ours. Also, who in their right mind makes an invitation link default to unlimited uses for 30 minutes only? As if everyone out there is paying attention to their DM's enough that they would always be online to accept the link in that amount of time. Give me a break guys, git gud if you want to compete with TS.

    8. The only people I've ever met who believe that Discord is better know nothing of TS and have 0% experience in server administration on the front or back end. I consistently school Discord owners on knowledge and competency.

    On that last point alone is plenty enough to rest my case lol.

    Teamspeak will always be my jam until the entire staff decides to get high on crack one day and destroy everything, which has a 0% chance of happening. Oh wait, backups would prevent that from even happening. Shit, I just pulled a newb move like a Discord user would. I think I'll ban myself from the forums for 10 minutes lol.

    Personally I think that Ventrilo is secretly backing Discord out of spite because they know they will never compete.

    Can't wait to see what awesome new stuff the Teamspeak Team comes up with, keep up the good work peeps!
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