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    Question PreviewWidget and general questions

    Hey guys,

    while wavering through TeamSpeak, trying to find more stuff I overlooked while tinkering on a design, I found PreviewWidget (Edit Channel -> Description Editor).

    Unfortunately I do seem to be unable to address it correctly. The only way I am remotely able to do anything with it, is by using QWidget, and this only affects the children QLabel and QToolButton, and ignores a "pane-like" border.

    Furthermore I am unable to edit style of the Close button of the QToolButton. I tried a couple of variants, but to little avail. It is either using a sub-control I haven't found yet, a QPushButton child, or an image which is unknown to me (not 8x7_tab_close_button.png).

    I would call myself a mediocre character jockey, which is why I believe that I am missing something really simple. If you could point me into the right direction I would be more than grateful.


    1. Will we eventually get the option to change hard-coded values like link colours, and friend/foe name colours?

    2. Is there a way to address client avatars in clientinfo.tpl (besides "AVATAR_MAX_WIDTH" and "AVATAR_MAX_HEIGHT"), and status indicators (icon + text), and if not, will we eventually be able to?

    Example of application:
    - Position of avatar
    - Border-radius of avatars to achieve similar results as shown in the screenshot
    - Position of status icons

    A forum research did either show that my question wasn't asked, wasn't answered, or was answered years back. You have my apologies if I did overlook something. Thank you for your time.
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    Before i anwser anything: I have nearly no knowledge about designing with QT but i try to answer.

    1. I think the Preview bar wasn't fully added to be stylable, when this feature was added. (i will ask a dev in a meeting and will reply if i have an answer)

    2. Same as answer from 1 counts here, if we still talk about the X in the preview. (i will ask a dev in a meeting and will reply if i have an answer)

    --- 3 & 4 have been answered several times in several threads.

    3. Hardcoded things arn't meanded to be changed. The developers did not want to enable it for some things in the client.
    Do not see that this will change in future.

    4. If the parmamter isn't listed in our default ".tps" files then the feature does not exist.
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