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    Client does not have the right permissions, and i can't change anything.

    So, i've been trying to get this plugin to work that will add users to a members group on our teamspeak when they sign up at our website. I've had it working when our teamspeak was hosted at gameservers, but after i moved our teamspeak over to a rented VPS, i've been getting problems.

    Here are my problems:

    I'm unable to edit permissions for the plugins (client) (ID:1) when i try to add the permission "i_group_member_add_power" i will get the error "insufficient client permissions (failed on i_client_needed_permission_modify_power)

    Also, when i try to add client ID 0 as an admin i will also get the error " insufficient client permissions (failed on i_client_needed_permission_modify_power)"


    Sorry if i overlooked something really dumb, but i'm really tired xD

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    Do NOT EVER mess with any client whoms id is lower than 3! EVER!
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