This is just a little theme for your TeamSpeak.
I created it for the fans of the series : Code Lyok˘
If you want it there is the link for download:

And if you want a custom font from CLE there is a link:

For the installation just run the program named : "LyokoTheme" and click on "Install" and just restart TeamSpeak
If you don't have the theme or if you have already one or you want change, just go in: "settings" > "Options" > "Design" > "Theme"

For the installation of the CLE font just open "" file and run "CL EvoluFont" and click on "install"
For use it on TeamSpeak do in "settings" > "option" > "chat" > "Change font" and select "CL EvoluFont"

That's it

I really like to know your feedback so post some comments ( ͡░ ͜ʖ ͡░)