Hello everyone,

I recently tried to upgrade my TS3 to 3.0.12 running into the issue that the TS server crashed after a period of time.
Also, the version string in the root (visible in the client)

like Version: auf Windows did not update to 3.0.12 as usual.

To avoid further crashes I restored the backup of the server.
Usually, to update the server I shut down the Process, extract all files from the server zip file to the TS 3 directory.

The fact that this time I ran in to this issue and also the version number did not update on the client, I was curious if the copying of files is really everything I need to do.
In the TS3\SQL directory there are several SQL Update scripts and I wonder if I had to apply them manually to ensure that not only the binaries but also the database is being updated.

We use ts3server.sqlitedb

Please keep in mind I never did that before so fear that my DB scheme does not match the current one 3.0.12.x might need.

Thanks for your help in advance!