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    [Request] Channeljoin plugin

    I search a plugin for joining channels with command.

    I image something like "/joinchannel [id] [passwort]"
    I have searched a lot but I couldnīt find anything.

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    could use the clientquery plugin, afair it should be capable of switching you into a specific channel.
    Only difference is you'd be entering the command in telnet instead of the client. But since you could easily switch channels by double click if using the client, or even hotkeys there doesn't seem to be much sense in it, unless you want to script it, in which case the client query plugin makes more sense as it's more easily scriptable.
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    function joinchannel(sCHID, id, pw)
    	local ownID = ts3.getClientID(sCHID)
    	local cName = ts3.getChannelVariableAsString(sCHID, id, ts3defs.ChannelProperties.CHANNEL_NAME)
    	if pw then
    		ScriptLog("Trying to join channel "..cName.." with password """".")
    		ts3.requestClientMove(sCHID, ownID, id, pw)
    		ScriptLog("Trying to join channel "..cName..".")
    		ts3.requestClientMove(sCHID, ownID, id, channelJOIN.setting.defaultPW)
    end would be what you need

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