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    Question If Teamspeak is online, no sounds in Windows.

    Good evening.
    I have a problem.
    Whenever I start TeamSpeak I hear no sounds in Windows.
    Even if I make music, I do not hear any sounds.

    Once anyone speaks in TeamSpeak, I hear my music player.

    Furthermore, I can not watch videos on YouTube. No clips on Facebook. It starts no video or no music.
    When I run a PC game, there is no sounds are heard.

    What I've Tried?
    - TS reinstalled
    - All possible output and input devices which I need not disabled.
    - All possible sound settings tested.

    Once I finish TeamSpeak, everything is working normally.

    Does anyone have an idea what I can try?

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    I have the same problem. Windows 10 sounds (Youtube, etc) works fine until I load TS then no window sounds but can hear TS
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